The McNatt Team is equipped with buyers agency relationship as well. That is a super advantage to our buyers. With a buyer agency relationship you as a buyer know that you have a professional "going to bat" for you. Providing you with the data so that you can make a wise decision on your purchase....Negotiating for you to get the home purchased for the best price possible. ...negotiating our buyers closing cost ...ordering home and pest inspections, setting up your home closings, getting title work ordered, Negotiating repairs if needed to your new home.... and much more. The biggest purchase is your home and The McNatt Team understand that and want to provide you and your family with "Top Shelf" " All Inclusive " Service.

"The Icing on the cake" Our team doesn't forget you after the home closes. We are here to answer your call at all times. Need a referral on a lawn care service ..we gotcha

Needing Plumber...we gotcha...

pressure washer service? We gotcha....I'm telling ya WE ARE HERE FOR YOU..

We just don't want your business...we want your family and friends and their friends business..